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tadalistaTadalista 10 mg

Tadalista comes in different dosages: 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 mg respectively.

Generally for men who use Tadalista on a daily basis are recommended to have lower dosages like 2.5 or 5. However they should administered the drug only after consultation with their medical practitioner.

Tadalista comes for two different occasions:

Tadalista for daily use – this is supposed to treat men who may expect the intercourse to happen at least twice a week. This is also suitable for men with ED no matter how severe it may be. The dosage for the daily pill is only 2.5 or 5 mg and has to be prescribed by your medical practitioner. The tablet when taken regularly at the same time everyday will yield better results. Tadalista is suitable for men who suffer from ED irrespective of any other medical condition like diabetes, high cholesterol or any heart disease.

Tadalista for the Unplanned instant – for men who believe in the uncertainties of everyday lifestyle and who don?t map their job, this is the option. It?s a wonder pill which will last long up to ?36 hours? and keeps you ready just any moment the cupid strikes his arrow. The dosages start from 2.5 mg and goes on till 20 mg, but is required to be administered by a medical professional depending on your body composition.

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